Bravante and Associates, Inc. is a full service fire protection contracting firm. We provide design, engineering, installation, inspection, and repair services for all types of fire protection systems including:

We are pleased to provide these services to new or existing commercial, industrial and residential facilities.

Founded in 1995, Bravante and Associates, Inc. is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. When a developer or building owner requires a new or updated fire protection system, they turn to Bravante. The engineers and employees at Bravante design, install, test, and service automatic fire sprinkler systems with one goal; to protect lives and property.

Each design is customized to the building and the specific requirements of its occupants and is guaranteed to meet or exceed all local and national codes. Bravante engineers are fully licensed and all work is performed by qualified, trained, and insured technicians.

Bravante is a leader in the fire protection system industry and maintains that leadership through innovative design, training and competitive bidding. We deliver our product and services on time, professionally and skillfully completed at a competitive price.

Certifications & Licenses